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...touchingly beautiful is the dialogue between drummer Skip Hadden and tenor saxophonist Dewey Redman, especially in the improv...my attention is also drawn to the totally unconventional but very communicative playing of Skip Hadden.
                                   ~Jazz Forum Review


As a drummer Skip has performed on stages and in studios throughout the world. Equally at home in a small jazz club as on the huge stage of a major festival, Skip brings his distinct creative abilities to every musical situation he participates in.

Whether recording and performing with international artists or sitting in at a jam session in a venue far removed from the limelight, his passion for music and the drums, and his respect for his musical colleagues always shows through.

Jazz improvisation is largeley focused on the constant communication and interplay between the musicians. In it's essence it is a collective, but mostly unspoken agreement between the players to strive for a unified musical statement. Skip's musical approach epitomizes this essential paradigm

To present a convincing dialogue and performance to an audience requires not only a technical command of one's instrument, but a keen musical instinct and selfless empathy between the players. Skip's thirty years of musical experience has allowed him to master these skills, but he continues to approach each musical situation with the excitement of his first.

Skip's playing blurs the lines of the restricting roles that drummers are often forced into. These roles place the drummer either into the background as a mere functional accompanist, or "timekeeper" for the ensemble, or throws the drummer into a spotlight with the call of "drum solo." Skip's musical sensitivity and commitment to interactivity brings these two often separate worlds together for an always refreshing performance.