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Following are several of the topics that Skip presents in seminar format. These topics are all taken from courses he has developed over the years and now teaches at Berklee College.

The presentations rely heavily on the use of actual demonstration, audio examples via recordings and videos, books, and handouts provided for the participants.

Skip's workshops are a comprehensive learning experience that help drummers become the best musicians that they can be.


Drum Set Contro
Learn how to use the rhythms of the world, Samba, Baiáo, Songo, Nañigo/Bembé, Shuffles, and 6/4 Samba, to develop better control of the instrument. This course uses material presented in his book, World Fusion Drumming.


Drum Set Control In Odd Time Signatures and Phrases
Develop drum set control using the basic building blocks of rhythm in groups of two's and three's. This course uses the material presented in his book, World Fusion Drumming.


Solo Construction
Learn how to play drum solos over song forms by learning melodies, extending embellishments, and paraphrasing.


Linear Time Feels and Phrases
Develop a new way to think about rhythms and how to play them using linear phrasing, one sound source for each note, in sixteenth note and triplet grooves.


Opening Up To Jazz
Learn to develop better control of the drumset in jazz drumming through the use of dependent and independent combinations with both feet and both hands.


Rhythmic Concepts: Broken Eighth Note Feel
Develop techniques for control of jazz grooves and phrasing in the style of early Tony Williams, Jack DeJohnette, and Roy Haynes.


Basic Pulse and Time
Learn to explore the drumset as a melodic instrument. Experiential techniques to help you express feelings and colors with the drums.


Double Bass Drumming
Develop techniques for better control of your feet , using right foot lead and both feet now concepts.


Contemporary Drum Styles
Learn styles of various drummers from jazz, rock, fusion, and World musics explored through transcriptions, articles, recordings, videos, and demonstrations.


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