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Skip joined the percussion faculty of Berklee College of Music in 1982. He has made many significant contributions to the percussion department curriculum, including developing numerous courses covering many facets of drumming.

Following is a list of the courses that Skip conceived and developed for his students at Berklee. (Click on the titles for more info on each class.)

Skips courses offer a broad learning environment through audio and video examples, written materials, and demonstrations. Though Skip's courses are highly specialized and comprehensive percussion courses, they are available to all of the student body at the college.

Performance Courses

Fusion Repertoire: Development and Applications
Advanced Fusion Dumming
Lead Sheet Interpretation
Linear Time Feels and Phrasing
Rhythmic Concepts: Broken Eighth Note Feel
Basic Time and Pulse
Acoustic Characteristics for the Drum Set

History and Survey Courses

Survey of Drum Styles Since the Sixties
Jazz Drum Styles
Fusion Drum Styles
Rock Drum Styles
Funk Drum Styles
World Drum Styles

Skip is an avid collector of audio recordings, video tapes, books, and other written materials. He uses his extensive collection to support his teaching at Berklee and in his many clinic/educational seminar presentations around the world.

This extensive collection also serves as the backbone of his new multimedia database, DrumBase, which will be available to see and hear soon on drumbase.com.

You can learn more about DrumBase in the projects area.

Skip's is also the editor of the Berklee Percussion Department Newsletter which is published each semester and which you can now read on line.

Read the Berklee College Percussion Dept. Newsletter