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Jazz Forum Review of Michael Bocian's CD "Reverence"
—June 1997 by Piotr Rodowicz (English Translation)

It would be very important to us if the record Reverence would be widely distributed in our market and that the band under the guidance of Michael Bocian would come to play their music in Poland.

There is something very important in this music for every human being, free dialogues among any individual becomes very constructive because it happens in this wonderful atmosphere of understanding, the mutual acceptance for one's freedom.

The music which is almost entirely composed by guitarist, Michael Bocian, is just melodies as propositions for improvisation, without the baggage of harmony and form. For in this music it is important to keep the climate created by the original melody and then be together and not be in each others way.

The way you experience the recording is wonderful. This music breathes, gives you the feeling of space and peace, however, it is the most free record I have listened to recently. It happens, thanks to the virtuosity of each of the musicians and the great/fantastic sound of their instruments, also by the creation of multicolored moods, reflecting the emotions of contemporary society.

Touchingly beautiful is the dialog between the drummer, Skip Hadden, and tenor saxophonist, Dewey Redman, especially in the Improv A and Improv B.

My attention is also drawn to the totally unconventional but very communicative playing of Skip Hadden. Sometimes he is using two hi-hats, instead of the bass drum, that creates a totally new sound for the band. (I've never heard anything like that). The very selective sound of the drums also allows the drummer to play very melodically.

This is modern music of the '90s inspired by the esthetics of the '60s.